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<3 a little gift for my beloved parents, education

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oh heleww

as i was browsing facebook, i came across a post that quotes Nouman Ali,

Du’a is a Quran remedy for depression

hence the title..

im not sure if im in a state of depression as of now cuz, one im unemployed, second unmarried (and no boyfriend). am i depressed? yes? no? yes?

then i realised, i know shouldnt and immediately  count on the blessing Allah pours on me. the ever so caring parents, the family im growing up in, the entertaining kids at home, the friends im surrounded with, the maids that help doing the house chores, the house im living in, the room im spending most of my time in, the car im driving on and many more, no im not depressed (enough)

but dont get me wrong, that also doesnt make me think i should stay unemployed and should forever ask for money from parents. i cant help it but feel regret for not being able to help my parents financially because at this age, its already bout payback time 

i honestly envy those who can do that already. even more, those who are younger than me. it must be nice to be financially stable. its been almost a year since uni ended, and it looks as if, ive never really tried my best in looking for jobs. i even feel so. then today i was organizing the applications again, i forgot that, i have my folder that has my revision notes inside, then i wonder, i did prepare, i did my homework but why the interviews and test never seem to favour on me. i get super nervous, and totally forgotten what ive read (or at least i cant recall some important points). everytime. or did i just overdo things. lets just say, its not my rezeki yet

Sabar Fizah, sabar.. Inshaa Allah 

second of all, there has been so many wedding videos posted that i cant help but to watch. ah.. so nice i wish i was the person in the video. the human nature in me, being single for a long time, makes me feel so lonely. what a pathetic confession, i know. a close friend who cant stop chatting on the preparation of her wedding and the parents who have been busy discussing on brother’s wedding and a younger cousin who just got engaged (oh ofcourse shes busy with her preparation too) . oh yeay! and im stuck in between. years ago, i nagged almost HALF of my friends are married, but today, almost ALL of my friends are and the half i was talking about yeas ago are mostly parents now. ofcourse im happy for them, then i look back to my self, then what does that make me, Astaghfirullah

Fizah, your time will come, no rush, and keep it only to the one that deserves your heart, Inshaa Allah, 

kan Allah sudah menjanjikan rezeki dan jodoh bagi setiap manusia

gotta stand my belief on that and ofcourse, Du’a sejanta ku

bersabarlah duhai Hati :)

“Cukuplah bertanyakan tentang jodoh.
Bila ianya datang lewat, bukan bermakna Allah sengaja melambatkan. Tapi Tuhan menunggu saat tepat hatimu benar-benar bersedia menerima anugerah paling indah dalam hidupmu. Seandainya tidak di dunia, pasti bertemu di akhirat sana. Itu janji Allah, maka jaga hatimu untukNya. =)”

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